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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  March 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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collapse. pamela joins us live from the scene. >> we know you spoke with the homeowners who have quite a tale to tell. >> reporter: jim, they certainly do. it was a shock to them. neighbors as well that they managed to make it out of the home where they lived unharmed. we did track down city officials who tell us that it was a shock to them that anyone was living there at all. >> it's a miracle. >> reporter: stanley clark known around the neighborhood known as moses, he has seen a lot in his time here but nothing like this. >> ka boom and everything came down on us. good thing that sheetrock was there or i would be dead. >> reporter: neighbors survived the collapse now being investigated by the licenses and inspection department.
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>> no red flags that such a thing would happen. >> reporter: the department was unaware of issues with the home or anyone lived there. >> there were things that indicated it was vacant. it was boarded up, back taxes are owed on the property. those are usual indications of a house that is. >> the couple told us they took over the property after a relative died. the roof was in desperate need of repair and say they tried to fix the problem with tarps. >> i knew it wasn't going to work. >> reporter: the exact cause of the collapse has yet to be determined but a handyman has his own ideas. >> when it's cold, then it retracts and it came down. >> reporter: two things they are focusing on, what caused the house to collapse and who owns
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it. meantime, the red cross is assisting nine people including the couple we interviewed with housing and in the meantime they tell us that someone should be down here tomorrow to demolish the rest of the property. pamela os important for "nbc 10 news." >> new at 6:00 a battle brewing between the current and former district attorney in montgomery county. and everything to do with the pending sexual assault case against bill cosby. bruce castor declined to charge cosby in 2005 and is now being sued by andrea constand. the former d.a. is seeking access to the case files, but current montgomery county district attorney kevin steele is fighting caster's subpoena power. to our weather now. in short sleeves in march. oh, yeah, people taking advantage as they walked around university city. another record setting day in our area. but the 80 degrees, not going to
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last much longer. >> doug kammerer is here to tell us about rain on the way. we knew that it wasn't going to last. >> yeah, you know, we're hitting 80 degreesite never going to last in march. 80 doesn't last in the month of april so to get it in march, that is something. philadelphia 82 degrees after a record high, the record was 76, today 82 was what we saw. look how many hit 80. wilmington, trenton at 81. so warm. here are the high temperatures. 79 pottstown. 79 millville. mount pocono only 67. camelback mountain a lot more cloud cover today. and some showers making their way in. they are still open for business. you can see they had a couple of skiing and snowboarding guys. still a nice weekend if you think about skiing. so, what about the next couple days? say good-bye to the heat of course. we can wave good-bye to that.
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showers moving in. they are coming in overnight. then a much cooler weekend. temperatures are going to drop 15 to 20 degrees. we'll talk about the numbers in a minute. tonight chilling testimony from the philadelphia officer who survived an ambush. today, officer jesse hartnett testified about how he handled himself during the ambush. today he had to go face-to-face with the alleged shooter. rosemary connors is here with the officer's testimony. >> reporter: officer hartnett used his left arm to cover his head. edward archer, the suspect, is accused of walking up to the officer's car in january, and shooting at him at point blank range. officer hartnett says he kicked the door open to chase after the suspect, he shot back three times, officer hartnett went into his trunk to get a tourniquet. two other officers arrested archer a block away. philadelphia prosecutors found no evidence that archer has links to terrorism.
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his attorney says that his client may have mental health issues. >> wouldn't be doing my job if i wasn't exploring whether or not that is a viable defense and whether or not he couldn't differentiate right from wrong at the time this happened. >> reporter: philadelphia police commissioner richard roth and other members of the police department filled the courtroom during the testimony. archer returns to court later this month charged with attempted murder in this case. officer hartnett already has had seven surgeries, he's planning on another surgery any day now. >>. a chester police officer is arrested and suspended from the force after accusations he sexually assaulted three female inmates over the past year. prosecutors say officer roosevelt turner exposed himself to one woman and are demanded two others take their pants off. this all allegedly happened as he was processing the victims after they had been arrested. prosecutors say after the alleged assault he even reached
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out to one victim on facebook. >> he victimized these individuals, manipulated them. humiliated them and later we were able to document through social media he indicated to this victim thank you for an enjoyable time. >> turner faces charges of indecent assault and official oppression. police are concern there had may be other victims. a road trip to tackle a crisis in atlantic city, maybe don guardian and residents took their concerns to trenton. >> cydney long was there as tensions during their testimony flared. >> reporter:p atlantic city residents are passionate about saving their city from crumbling financially. >> we are standing on a cliff and at the bottom of that cliff is the financial ruin. >> reporter: they came by the bus load to beg their case before lawmakers, troopers arrested one for being defiant.
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most in favor of the state's olive branch to create a pilot program so casino tax appeals can't sink them but not at the cost of a state takeover bill that steals all local government authority. >> we run out of money the end of the month, we can't pay our police, we can't pay our fire, we can't pay trash collection, and the city will come to a grinding halt. >> if the state is going to be the bank we understand that we have to give up some of our duties and our authority over finances. >> reporter: the mayor says he won't allow fire or police to be regionalized and the police chief's association coke e echo. >> they have given up 45 officers. >> reporter: the senate president wants both the pilot and takeover bills to pass, trenton is not looking to privatize the water authority. >> we are in a crisis here. but to talk about flint, michigan over and over again, to try to make people think we're going to poison people, is
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insults. >> guardian says in addition to cutting 50 million from the budget in two years it will consider measures like selling baiter field. essential services will not be cut if atlantic city goes broke he says they are working on a contingency plan but wouldn't share the details. from trenton, cydney long, "nbc 10 news." now to our decision 2016 coverage. tonight it's the gop presidential candidates turn to square off on the miami stage. the republican party chairman says he wants tonight's cnn debate to be more of a g-rated event than recent showdowns. the candidates are battling for the winner take all primary tuesday and marco rubio is hoping his home state will throw his campaign a life line. fresh off the democrats debate hillary clinton rallied in tampa before heading to north carolina. she'll be back in her home state of illinois for a campaign event
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later tonight. clinton maintains a large delegate lead over bernie sanders. she has more than half needed to win the democratic nomination. senator bernie sanders' campaign in gainesville, he is hoping to win over younger voters who helped him pull off an updset in michigan. that surprise win is evidence that his message is resonating. >> for information on the candidates and their policies and everything you need to know about the decision 2016, go to our nbc 10 app. a husband guilty of killing his wife will spend 31 years behind bars. a judge sentenced kyle cross by, he agreed to a plea deal. crippen disappeared new year's eve. her body found three months later killed and dumped in a field. she was a mother of two young children. >> new at 6, a suspected drug dealer charged in a heroin death in south jersey.
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police and marshals arrested leonard hicks. a man overdosed and died back in november and they say hicks told him the heroin. it's basically the same charge as murder. >> nurses and counselors could be back in philadelphia schools, right now there are several schools operating without a full time school nurse. instead nurses are assigned to schools that make rounds throughout the day. other schools don't have a nurse on staff at all. the superintendent said introducing nurses and counselors back in the schools is contingent upon state budget money allocated to the district. coming up next, you don't get anything for free, right. tonight what walmart wants in return for giving employees pay raises. >> plus, why the city will light up in an orange glow. the significance of orange next. a lot of people basking in the
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tomorrow's pay day for a lot of workers. today more than a million employees at walmart got a bump in their paychecks. >> the retailer is raising the minimum wage and it is the largest blanket pay raise in american history. so, what do they want in return? tim furlong explains. >> a great day for us. >> reporter: party time at the south philly walmart and all walmarts across america, every employee got a raise. >> shows appreciation for me and my work that i come and do every day that i do enjoy doing. >> reporter: 45,000 employees in pennsylvania are affected, the average full time wage will be $13.31 an hour. the average is $13.83 for the almost 18,000 new jersey employees, the 3100 affected employees in delaware will now average $12.53 an hour. >> our people make the difference. >> reporter: walmart is investing in people giving them more money but they want something in return.
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better customer service. >> for us, yes, the pressure is on to be more customer friendly. >> reporter: the owner of a steak shop has heard talk about walmart's wage increase and fast food workers demanding $15 an hour. most of her 100 or so employees make above minimum wage but entry levels are just that, a way in the door to gain skills and prooch yourself worthy to move up the ladder where you will be rewarded. the company continues to grow. >> we support our employees and they give back to us. that's why we don't have a lot of turnover. we have people work here for several years. we are proud of that. >> reporter: walmart raising wages could spur others. we had workers call clawing for the jobs, we could have companies fighting each other to obtain the best employees out there. in south philly, tim furlong, "nbc 10 news." happening now, people living in north philadelphia are
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meeting about temple's new football stadium proposal calling themselves the stadium stoppers who do not want a stadium. the university is looking to put a stadium on the northwest corner of the main campus. trustees approved looking at preliminary designs for the stadium. right now the team plays home games here at lincoln financial field. so tonight as you look at the skyline you may notice it is lit in orange. 12 buildings and bridges across the city turning orange. supposedly a short time ago, hard to see in this light right now. >> we can tell you the orange is for world kidney day of it looking at the ben franklin bridge. the national kidney foundation wants people to know about the 26 million american adults have kidney disease. >> they have the gala down town tonight. >> a great way to bring awareness. >> it is. >> you look at the orange glow. it's a beautiful night. >> it really is. tonight is going to be -- the
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last really perfect night to get out and about, maybe eat out. well, the last of -- until mid april maybe. this is the kind of temperatures you see in june, we're not going to see these again. but even this weekend you can sit out. you might need the jacket. right now looking pretty good. temperatures today once again breaking records, 82 degrees at the airport. i love that shot by the way. we're at 75 degrees, the current temperature. winds out of the south-southwest at 14 miles per hour. those winds are going to be shifting out of the north. that will tend to cool things down as we move in. already cooler, you can see where it is here. we're in the 70s everywhere, but notice this green here. this is the 50s and 60s, you can see mount pocono only at 58. so that cooler air will continue to sag down to the south. as it does it's going to bring shower activity. we do have a cold front that will make its way through. you can see showers up toward the poconos, to the west, williams port just to the north
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of york county to the north of lancaster and berks county. this rain will move in overnight. i think most of us remain dry. it looks like a lot of rain is going to come in. but the system really just peters out. this is where the bulk of the rain has been. 12 to 18 inches of rain has fallen. we have shown you video of out of louisiana earlier, a lot of over 3,000 homes evacuated down there as a result of the flooding. that normally moves our way. it's not going to make it here. the cold front comes through, you can see what's happening around the 11:00 hour. philly on the dry side. rain up to the lehigh valley, berks county up toward the trenton area, 2, 3 in the morning. by 4:00 in the morning this is where we're starting to see the rain coming down. but by the time most of us are heading up back to work and getting back in the cars or heading in on the train or maybe walking in, no problem. the rain is out of here by 8, 9:00. we start to see sunshine. i think friday is still going to be a pretty nice day across our region. but yeah, a little cooler.
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take a look at the numbers. 57 in philly, mostly cloudy, showers overnight. 53 to the north and west. cooler to the north and west, maybe upper 40s. partly cloudy, not as warm tomorrow but nice. 63 to 67 degrees on your friday. as we move toward the weekend here, we're going to stay in the 60s. 64 degrees on saturday. still mild for this time of year. remember, our average high is 51 degrees. so 64 is not bad. 66 on sunday. most of the day on sunday is looking like it's going to be fairly dry. we do have late showers, showers likely on monday. i think that's the best chance to see some of the rain but the high of 59, 65 on tuesday, 67, a chance of rain during the day on wednesday too. so all in all, not bad, a lot of 60s, the coolest day will of course be on monday with the high temperature right around 59. john clark, man, i'm leaving tomorrow. the last time i get to say hi to you. you look fantastic. you haven't lost weight, haven't gained weight, perfect my
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friend. >> same back at you, doug. come by more often. coming up we'll hear from chase daniel, is he coming to be the backup or the starter. doug pederson speaks and we'll meet the new safety. all next. katie: the u.s. has added 14 million new jobs
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since the great recession - a good start. but too many families see the special interests gaining the upper hand in washington,
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while paychecks don't go far enough. if you work hard, your paycheck should show it; you earned social security - it should be there when you retire. and you shouldn't have to go broke to afford college. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn.
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i'm john clark. doug pederson makes cleert this afternoon, sam bradford is his starting quarterback, chase daniel is coming from kansas city to be the backup. here is chase introduced. doug feels chase is ready to be a starter in the nfl but right now sam is his man. >> competition, iron sharpens
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iron, and you know, every position i feel like the quarterback position is not exempt from that. >> competition breeds excellence. i truly believe that. i go back to time in new orleans with drew. i mean, i'm a second year pro, he's you know, 10-year, nine-year vet. and i'm telling him every day i'm coming to take your job, dude. >> love that. here is birds' safety who comes from the rams, known as a physical safety. he can lay out big hits. he's going to play along side malcolm jenkins. >> playing with malcolm jenkins who is a great safety thip league, pro bowler, which was one of the reasons why i chose here. to play beside a guy of that calib caliber. i think we can be the best in the league. the ability he has, with my range and things like that, and ability to make plays. i think that's our strong suit. >> looking good. eagles defensive linemen thorton is now with the cowboys, he
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signed with them, four years, $18 million. demarco murray introduced in tennessee. yesterday he joked he is fresh because he had a year off with the eagles. he amends that today. >> i wasn't saying that because i literally took the year off but just you know because i didn't get as much work, i didn't get as much work as i would have hoped to. i feel fresh and i feel good. but not because of my choice. >> yeah, he didn't want to be here. villanova hoping for a number one seed. still on the way to that after today's win in the big east quarterfinal. the steal to josh hart. hart leading with 25 points, thissy beat georgetown, so nova will face providence in the semifinals tomorrow night. jim salisbury reports that ryan howard was not with the phillies today, met with baseball about the al jazeera report. phillies, tigers, franco at the plate unloads on this one.
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nice evening to enjoy. because it's changing. >> it is changing. we're going to see rain out there if you are still out around 2:00 in the morning. get the umbrella. >> every night. >> i heard stories. 2:00 in the morning, we're going to see some showers coming on through across the area here. that's all right. all right. he's got it. there you go. there's the rain making its way our way and again, as we look at 2:00 in the morning when jim is still out, jim's steaks good. 4:00 a.m. rain coming through the city.
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so remember that and it will be out of here by tomorrow morning. breaking news tonight. donald trump accused of encouraging violence at his rallies. his campaign manager accused of roughing up a female reporter. the rising death toll as record floods rage. high-water scues. brawl on a plane. mayhem as fists fly. shocked passengers with the melee. you won't believe what started it all. ambush horror. five massacred, including a pregnant woman as gunmen opened fire in a backyard barbecue. tonight, a manhunt for a pair of cold-blooded killers. why this weekend is especially high risk for heart attacks and strokes. "nightly news" begins


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